Duo Almira

Isabel González and Paula Jimenéz are two young musicians, who pursuant their love for chamber music, decided to launch their careers creating the Duo Almira.

This group has its roots in the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country, Musikene, where both performers studied. During that period they received classes by Professor Gabriel Loidi (pianist and compositor) who uncovers them the world of chamber music and all its possibilities.

Both youngsters decided to continue their formation at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik and Performing Arts in Mannheim, and performed a Master in interpretation of their respective instruments, flute and bassoon.

It is then when they created the Duo Almira, with the aim to bringing classical music to all, touch the listeners, motivate the audience to enjoy listening a variety of good quality music, and inviting them to dance and sing along their music.

Their performances reach all kinds of people and events from cycles of classical music concerts, nursing homes, hospitals, nurseries and schools, private parties, corporate events, in different settings such as hotels and restaurants, etc.

Duo Almira’s repertoire is varied, starting with the greatest hits of classical literature, through repertoire especially written for this type of formation, up to tangos and contemporary popular music. In addition, this group can adapt its repertoire to specific requests.


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En este apartado de nuestra web, iremos publicando los diferentes recuerdos y reflexiones, tanto de nuestros conciertos,de nuestro público, como de ensayos, viajes y las diferentes experiencias que vivimos juntos, gracias a nuestra música. Queremos compartir con vosotros estos magníficos dibujos, que Concha Martinez Pasamar   realizó en vivo, durante nuestro concierto de “Tres Son Multitud” … Sigue leyendo Recuerdos

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